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We Are moving

Well, the time has come to move on. The increased costs of the Train Station location make it no longer feasible to carry on here. We are Not closing the business, we are actually moving upwards and onwards! We are booked for jobs, All over the country for almost the next year. In the meantime, we are putting inventory in the warehouse and searching for a New and Better location. We will be building up the website and doing more online sales with shipping options. This is a sad day. After all the work we put into this location, we have to move, but we don’t quit. We keep going and keep salvaging. Our goal has not changed. We save History and keep thing out of the Landfills!

Salvage Kings

Ted and his team race against the clock to recover historic treasures from buildings on the verge of demolition.

Now Airing on History Canada Wednesdays at 9PM EST


Salvage Kings on Hulu

Located in the USA? Watch all current seasons of Salvage Kings on Hulu!

Salvage Kings on StackTV

Located in Canada? Check out Salvage Kings with a StackTV Subscription on Prime!

Flashback Salvage

At Flashback Salvage, our ultimate goal is to keep as much as possible from the Landfills and Preserve Historical Items. We are Caretakers of History, striving to pass on items to the right buyer who will Cherish these items and Give them a Forever Home.

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