About Flashback Salvage

We salvage treasures left behind by others

Ted Finch

Flashback Salvage is a business founded by Ted Finch in 1991.

With over 30 years experience in Antiques, Restorations and Salvaging, Ted is considered one of the premier experts in this field. His decade of experience in Commercial and Industrial Salvage and Sales while working for a Large Demolition Company, has added another layer to his knowledge of building construction along with Building Component Salvage. His passion for History, along with a desire to pass on Historical items to a new home has resulted in a Large customer base of like minded people, and many, many repeat buyers. Ted has developed a “feel” for what his customers are looking for in design and decor elements, and will work to find items for buyers with his encyclopedic knowledge of current and future inventory. All this, along with a desire to keep items out of the Landfills as much as possible has made him the Host of Salvage Kings TV Show as well as being labeled as a Modern Day Treasure Hunter.

Keeping Items

out of Landfill

Since 1991

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